About Us

“The customer is always right,” emphasizes Harry of Fox Refrigeration. “Even if he may be wrong, the customer is always right. We’re there to fix the trouble and also to show concern for the customer’s problems.”


Serving Hamilton, Ontario & Area

Fox Refrigeration has been proudly serving the Hamilton area since 1935 when Ivan Fox began selling supplies to butchers, such as blocks, slicers, grinders, and saws.

Fred Gose emigrated from Germany with a great deal of refrigeration experience when he started working for Ivan. When Ivan decided to retire in 1970, he gave Fred the opportunity to purchase the company.


A Growing Family Business

Over the years, Fred expanded the business to include refrigeration equipment such as deli, dairy, produce and fresh meat refrigerated cases, flower coolers, reach-in and walk-in coolers/freezers, chillers, blast freezers, customized freezers, custom storage rooms and ice machines (for supermarkets, processing plants, warehouses, plaza strip malls and shopping centers). As a teenager during summers off from school, Harry worked at the family owned and operated company, as did his mother. He joined the business full-time in 1974, after earning his certification as an inter-provincial HVAC mechanic.




In 1998, Harry purchased the company. Although officially “retired”, Fred is still involved with the business. He comes in about one to two times in a week to check in, mostly for his own satisfaction. Even at 80 years of age he’s a very active person, which has a lot to do with the company’s current success today. “I learned a lot from him and the success he’s had from the business. He’s given me the drive because he had the drive and still has it. I’ve seen what he’s done and want to continue that, but also do some things a little differently,” says Harry.


From Refrigeration to Heating & Cooling

Harry introduced heating and cooling systems into the corporate mix to make the business operate year-round. This added about 30 percent of more work to the business. Fox’s commercial/industrial heating/cooling systems include three ton to 60 ton rooftop heating/cooling units, split systems, air conditioning, infrared heating systems, unit heaters, boilers, furnaces, air purification systems, air cleaner systems, ventilation, and exhaust systems and fans.


For Every Commercial Need

Fox Refrigeration is very versatile. Our company is well equipped and qualified to handle any type of refrigeration and ventilation service or installation a client may require. All of our technicians are trained and experienced in a wide range of HVAC systems. No job is too large or small. Whatever the customer needs, we have the service department to do the job effectively and efficiently. We also offer 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week.

Fox Refrigeration specializes in commercial/industrial refrigeration and heating/cooling and ventilation systems. About 50 percent of our business is servicing customers in Hamilton and surrounding areas, and the other half is sales and installation of a variety of products.

At Fox Refrigeration, we also offer a financing program for commercial building owners.


Committed to Customer Needs

That strong commitment to looking after customers to the best of our ability is what keeps the Fox name in the forefront, and the reason we receive many referrals. “Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising in our business, most of my new customers are referrals.” Harry can fix anything that’s refrigeration and never backs away from a challenge.



Store Planning & Preventative Maintenance Service

Fox Refrigeration, a non-union company, offering clients store planning as well as an extensive preventative maintenance program. We strongly advocate maintenance and the majority of our customers have contracts with us. Refrigeration costs a lot of money to operate, if the equipment is maintained properly it will result in a phenomenal amount of energy savings. We recommend every six months for commercial refrigeration, and every three months for heating and air conditioning.


Our Team

Fox Refrigeration employs a staff of eight people and Harry is quick tocarrier
point out their experience and expertise contributes greatly to the company’s success. “Our employees are qualified individuals who are concerned about our customers and any problems they may encounter. They are also very adept at the electrical part of the work and that’s important in this business.” Having knowledge of electrical systems is very important because if you can’t troubleshoot the electrical, then you can’t fix half the problems you may encounter.


Honesty is the Best Policy – And Fox’s Success Attests to That

Although economic times are tough right now, the outlook for the future looks positive for Fox Refrigeration. Harry says he’s comfortable with the company’s current operations, but we would like to expand, from a customer perspective. “We’ve grown to become the largest non-union company in the area, and we want to stay there. Honesty is the best policy – that’s how we’ve always run our business and will continue to do so.”

For honest, reliable, and hardworking dedicated service, contact the local team of professionals at Fox Refrigeration Inc. 905-387-2403.